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Auto Accidents

Enid Auto Accident Lawyers Stand Up for Your Right to Recovery

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Auto collisions happen all too frequently, inflicting serious and costly injuries and other damage. They often result when drivers are distracted, fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Accidents can also be due to bad weather, poor road conditions or faulty traffic signals. But usually there is some degree of negligent or reckless driving. At Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC in Enid, our trial lawyers represent injured parties seeking compensation for their medical bills, damage repairs, lost wages and other expenses. We confidently bring claims against at-fault drivers and their insurance companies and we are not hesitant to go to court when needed to get our clients the monetary recovery they deserve.

Seasoned attorneys represent victims of a variety of motor vehicle accidents

We are adept at handling claims arising from a full range of accident types, including:

  • Car accidents — The most common collisions involve two or more cars or similarly sized vehicles. Fault may lie with one driver or be shared by all involved. In Oklahoma, injured motorists can recover damages as long as they are not more than 50 percent responsible for the accident. Even then, any recovery will be reduced by the percentage of the victims’ own negligence.
  • Truck accidents — Claims for accidents involving tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles are more complex, due not only to the degree of resulting injuries and damage but also to the number of potential defendants. Drivers, truck owners, trucking companies, shippers, loaders and even maintenance providers may be liable. In addition, trucking is a highly-regulated industry, and violations of safety rules may be root causes of an accident, requiring an extensive investigation.
  • Pedestrian accidents —A pedestrian’s injuries when hit by a vehicle are usually serious and may be catastrophic. Even so, recovery of damages is not automatic. Oklahoma’s comparative negligence law requires determining the extent to which the pedestrian’s own negligence may have contributed to an accident and then reducing his or her compensation by that percentage. If a pedestrian is more than 50 percent at fault, they cannot recover damages at all.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Due to their lack of protection and the small size of their vehicles, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on our highways. Their injuries may be due in part to their own negligence, such as speeding and illegal lane splitting. However, it is still possible to establish negligence on the part of other vehicle’s drivers and to win at least partial compensation for motorcyclists’ injuries.
  • Recreational vehicle accidents —Due to their size and weight distribution, RVs can be difficult to maneuver, especially on winding roads or highway entrance and exit ramps. Accidents can result from drivers not accustomed to piloting such vehicles or by other drivers that tailgate or stop suddenly in front of an RV. We represent injured motorists on both sides of such crashes.

Whatever the circumstances of your accident, you can rely on our personal injury attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation into the relative fault of the parties involved. We retain professional appraisers to establish the cause of an accident and the extent of resulting injuries. We document and pursue claims promptly, initially with insurance companies and then through litigation if necessary. The law sets time limits for bringing claims, so it is important to consult with us as soon as possible after an accident.

Contact our Oklahoma injury lawyers for compassionate, experienced counsel

When your health, your property, your ability to work and your quality of life are imperiled by a serious car accident, you need strong, experienced advocacy in your corner. At Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC , our team of experienced trial lawyers fights for our clients. We can assess your case quickly and reliably and provide effective counsel geared toward getting you the compensation you deserve. To schedule a consultation in Enid, Oklahoma, call 580-599-0191 or contact us online.

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