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Accomplished Enid Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight Felony Charges

Experienced Oklahoma lawyers defend clients facing serious accusations

Oklahoma has an unfortunate reputation for imprisoning a higher percentage of its residents than most other places in the United States. But although the odds may seem stacked against you when you are charged with a crime, the seasoned lawyers at Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC will be in your corner to assert a strong defense. From our office in Enid, we fight to protect the rights of people charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes in Garfield County and throughout the state. With our clients’ best interests in mind, we pursue every opportunity to have cases dismissed or to secure favorable plea deals. But we will not hesitate to go to trial when it is the best way to vindicate your interests.

Skilled attorneys mount defenses to drug possession and trafficking charges

Most drug convictions in Oklahoma are for methamphetamine, opioids, marijuana and heroin. Holding or owning any amount of a controlled substance without a valid prescription counts as criminal possession. Distributing large quantities of an illicit substance can be charged as trafficking, while cultivating or manufacturing drugs is also a felony.

Although Oklahoma’s three-strikes law was partially repealed in 2015, any person charged with drug trafficking after two prior drug-related felony convictions still faces a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison. Oklahoma prosecutors have been known to seek harsh punishments even for first-time drug offenders. Accordingly, every charge of possession, manufacturing or trafficking must be met with a strong defense.

Our lawyers will work to find weaknesses in cases presented by prosecutors. We examine whether police followed proper search and arrest protocol and we challenge illegally obtained or unreliable evidence. We will work hard to obtain the most favorable result possible.

Respected firm represents clients accused of violent and non-violent offenses

All violent crimes in Oklahoma are classified as felonies, which means they are punishable by more than a year in prison. Attempting, planning and soliciting a violent crime are felonies as well.

Oklahoma does not offer a broad definition for “violent crime” but rather has a list of specific criminal charges that are considered violent. This list includes:

  • Sex crimes — All forms of nonconsensual sexual contact are considered sex crimes, including rape and forcible sodomy. Minors under age 16 and persons of unsound mind are deemed incapable of giving consent.
  • Homicide — Murder, manslaughter in the first degree, poisoning with intent to kill and shooting with intent fall into this category.
  • Property crimes — Burglary and robbery are violent offenses whether or not a weapon is involved.

We also fight against allegations of serious non-violent crimes, including white collar offenses such as fraud, insider trading, money laundering and cyber hacking. A white collar crime may be classified as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the value of the stolen property.

Regardless of the offense charged, our attorneys will develop a defense tailored to the specific details of your case. We will vigorously pursue a dismissal or lenient plea deal or go to trial if that is the best course for vindicating your rights.

Appeals and post-conviction relief

If you were found guilty of a crime, we can step in and put our full effort into overturning the conviction. Our defense team pursues all post-conviction remedies, including motions to vacate and for new trial. We are also experienced with handling criminal appeals, no matter how complex.

Contact dedicated Oklahoma criminal defense attorneys to schedule a consultation

The experienced attorneys at Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC provide assertive defense and supportive legal counsel in criminal cases in Garfield County and across the state. To schedule a meeting with one of our accomplished counselors, call our Enid office at 580-599-0191 or contact us online.

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