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Insurance Bad Faith

Effective Enid Attorneys Litigate Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Oklahoma firm takes on carriers that violate their duty to policyholders

Insurance companies are legally bound to review claims honestly and uphold policy terms regardless of the impact on the carrier’s bottom line. Determining whether bad faith tainted a claims decision often requires detailed investigation of the facts and a thorough knowledge of the applicable legal standards. The attorneys of Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC in Enid litigate various types of insurance bad faith claims and can help identify if some element of a claims decision is suspect or violates the insurer’s legal duty. In first- and third-party actions arising from vehicle accidents and other incidents, we’ll press for a proper result.

Focused advocates analyze policies and initiate coverage appeals

With 80 years of combined experience, our attorneys are skillful advocates who have the insurance and business law background to deliver effective guidance on issues such as:

  • Policy analysis — To determine whether an insurance company acted improperly, we will first analyze the policy language to clarify each side’s rights and obligations. Terms that are unclear are to be interpreted in favor of the policyholder.
  • Insurance appeals — When you’ve been denied the insurance benefits you believe you are entitled to, we will review the company’s internal appeal process and seek a reversal of the decision. Should that not work, a case can be filed with the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. At every step of the process, our lawyers will build the strongest possible case to obtain full reimbursement.
  • Types of bad faith allegations — Adverse decisions, threatening tactics or unwarranted delays can trigger an insurance bad faith claim. In addition to first-party allegations where the policyholder is being mistreated, a third-party claim can also exist when a carrier acts improperly in a case filed by someone injured by their policyholder.

In some instances, effective communication with an insurance company can persuade it to live up to its responsibility. Other times, litigation is required to recover the payment you deserve and possibly damages associated with your efforts. Whatever your situation demands, we will vigorously assert your rights.

Determined litigators seek fair review of motor vehicle claims

After a car accident, injury victims often face significant financial pressure due to medical and repair costs. Auto insurance carriers might make these problems worse by looking out for their own financial interests during the claim evaluation process. When a carrier fails to abide by their legal duty by ignoring facts about the claim or failing to perform a legitimate investigation, our firm pursues justice on the policyholder’s behalf. If the insurer presents an unwarranted “reverse bad faith” defense claiming your actions thwarted a proper review, we will counter that allegation vigorously.

Contact an Enid attorney for a consultation regarding an insurance bad faith claim

Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC represents clients in Oklahoma insurance bad faith litigation. Please call 580-599-0191 or contact us online to make an appointment for a consultation at our Enid office.

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