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When parents divorce or separate, both remain responsible for providing for the care, education and other needs of their children. However, because the parents might not have the same income, the parent who is the primary caregiver can seek financial assistance, called child support, from his or her spouse. At Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC, we will use our knowledge and experience as family lawyers to guide the court in ordering a fair and appropriate amount of child support, whether you are the paying or receiving parent.

Counselors make optimal use of child support guidelines

Child support is calculated in accordance with Oklahoma state guidelines, which take account various factors including:

  • Each parent’s income or how much they are capable of earning
  • The number of children
  • How much time a child spends with each parent
  • Any other income a parent receives, such as child support for children from other relationships
  • Support paid for any children from other relationships
  • Health care costs
  • Child care costs

The non-custodial parent, who spends less time with the child, pays the calculated amount to the custodial parent. However, if the child spends at least 120 nights a year at the non-custodial parent’s house, that parent will receive a “shared parenting credit” that will reduce the child support payment. The formula for calculating the reduced amount is complicated, so make sure that you have a knowledgeable family law attorney who can advise you as to what information you need to provide and calculate the figures for you.

Thorough advocates litigate child support enforcement proceedings

Child support in Oklahoma is usually collected as a deduction from the support-paying parent’s income, sent by his or her employer to the Centralized Support Registration operated by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The agency then forwards it to the custodial parent. However, when child support is not paid on time or in the amount ordered, we can go to court to enforce the obligation. There are two major ways that a court can enforce a child support order:

  • Contempt of court — If an obligated parent knowingly and willfully refuses to pay child support, the court can find him or her guilty of contempt and impose up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $500 per violation.
  • License revocation — The court may also suspend the driver’s, fishing, hunting, professional or any of hundreds of other licenses issued by the state of Oklahoma that the obligated parent holds.

Conversely if you are sued for non-payment of child support, we can defend you in court.

Skilled lawyers help parents modify child support

The court may modify the support order if either spouse can show there has been a significant change of circumstances, such as:

  • An increase or decrease in either parent’s income
  • A change in the child’s circumstances

However, a parent’s increase or decrease in expenses will not be grounds for modification. Also, it is important to know that a modification cannot change child support payments that are already due. It can only affect the amount of child support going forward. If you need a change in the amount of child support, contact a knowledgeable child support attorney immediately.

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