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Knowledgeable Enid Family Lawyers Guide Clients Through Tough Times

Dedicated advocates handle Oklahoma divorce and parenting litigation

The attorneys of Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC in Enid help clients make smart decisions as they go through difficult family situations such as divorces and custody disputes. With 80 years of combined experience, our lawyers work closely with Oklahomans to develop strategies that suit their values and specific circumstances. Whether you’ve determined how to proceed or simply seek advice on your options, we’ll make sure that you have a clear understanding of the relevant law and how it applies to your case. No two families are the same, which makes each family law challenge unique. We understand that and have the knowledge, background and commitment to pursue a resolution that protects what is most important to you and your loved ones.

Thorough Garfield County attorneys relieve the burden of clients facing divorce

In Oklahoma, a 90-day waiting period must pass between the date a divorce petition is filed and the final divorce order is issued. If each side agrees on matters such as property division, custody and alimony, we work to complete the proceedings without any additional delay. No matter what your situation entails, it’s important to understand the laws and procedures that will affect your case, including:

  • Grounds — Spouses seeking a Dissolution of Marriage can obtain one on a no-fault basis by declaring that the parties are incompatible. Traditional fault grounds such as adultery, cruelty and abandonment are also available.
  • Property division — Unless a settlement is reached, marital assets and debts are allocated based on the state’s equitable distribution law. According to this standard, the property division order is based on what the judge thinks is fair, but it’s not necessarily an equal split. Our lawyers will explain what the court might review when making a determination.
  • Alimony — If one divorcing spouse lacks the ability to support themselves financially because they spent many years taking care of the home or children, alimony might be granted. Each case is unique, but courts have wide latitude to examine factors such as the parties’ ages, any relevant disability, childcare needs and whether one partner contributed to the other’s income potential. We’ll apply the law to your circumstances and pursue an appropriate outcome.

Even if you’re unsure about how to proceed, we offer an initial consultation so you know what to expect.

Experienced firm works to establish fair child custody and visitation arrangements

Like the courts of other states, Oklahoma courts make custody decisions based on what the judge believes to be in the child’s best interests. Neither mothers nor fathers are given any preference under the law. Whenever possible, joint custody arrangements are encouraged so that both parents maintain legal authority over key decisions and have frequent, meaningful contact with their sons and daughters. If sharing authority puts the child at risk, our firm can advise on whether sole custody is likely to be granted.

Our attorneys also work to establish fair visitation arrangements no matter what the custody situation is. We look at the young person’s physical, emotional and educational needs to create a clear, detailed schedule that includes provisions for holidays and transportation. If no consensus can be reached or if a modification to an existing order is necessary, we are strong advocates in these situations and other family law matters.

Skilled advisers take on matters relating to child support

When parents no longer live together, child support payments are calculated based on each parent’s income, the number of nights the child stays in each home, and other relevant factors including healthcare premiums and childcare costs. Our firm represents obligor and recipient parents in proceedings to determine the initial rate as well as modification and enforcement actions. Strict sanctions exist when payments are missing or late. We can help you take action if this occurs or if you believe your co-parent is misrepresenting their earnings or other financial information submitted to the courts.

Contact a dedicated Oklahoma family law attorney for an initial consultation

Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, PLC advises Oklahomans in various family law concerns, including divorces and child custody matters. Please call 580-599-0191 or contact us online to make an appointment for a consultation at our Enid office.

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