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Oil and Gas Transactions

Enid Oil and Gas Transactional Lawyers Offer Sage Counsel

Oklahoma attorneys help clients avoid pitfalls in energy industry dealings

Petroleum and natural gas operations require transactions between numerous companies and individuals, including landowners and other mineral rights owners, well drillers and operators, oil refinery and gas processing plant operators, pipeline operators and oil and gas marketers and purchasers. The oil and gas attorneys of Long, Claypole & Blakley Law, LLC in Enid have the expertise to negotiate, draft and review the agreements needed to protect our clients and avoid unnecessary litigation.

Helping clients negotiate and prepare effective drilling and operations agreements

Oil and gas operations require the cooperation of multiple parties. The company conducting the drilling will need to lease the right to drill on land from the landowner and the owner of the mineral rights in the land, which might be a different person or entity. Sometimes, more than one company jointly engages in operating a single well or group of wells. A drilling and operating agreement defines the rights and obligations of all those parties. We can help draft, review and negotiate these crucial agreements to ensure that our clients receive a fair bargain. If another party violates the agreement, such as by failing to pay royalties or preventing access to the wells, we can bring legal action to force that party back into compliance or to obtain reasonable compensation for the breach.

Dedicated attorneys counsel clients on all forms of oil and gas transactions

Oil and gas operations involve a number of other transactions, each with its own potential problems and pitfalls. These include:

  • Mineral rights — Before an energy company can extract oil or gas from the ground, it must deal with such issues as identifying all of the parties with mineral rights, and what royalties and other compensation will be paid, all of which should be carefully spelled out.
  • Surface agreements — Drilling for oil and gas may alter or damage the surface of the land. To address these issues, the energy company makes an agreement with the landowner specifying its surface rights and how damages will be compensated.
  • Seismic permits — Energy companies may explore potential oil or gas fields through seismic testing before committing to leasing the right to drill. This requires a regulatory permit and an agreement with the landowner, who needs an attorney to make sure such an agreement protects their interests.
  • Joint operating agreements — Sometimes, more than one energy company jointly operate a well, oil refinery or gas processing plant. An agreement between them must carefully spell out their reciprocal rights and duties to avoid misunderstanding and disputes.
  • Pipeline easements — The most efficient way to transport oil and gas from well to refinery or process plant is through a pipeline. This requires a “right of way” through all of the intervening properties. The necessary agreements should address such issues as the possibility of spills.
  • Purchase and sales agreements—Oil and gas producers must also arrange the sale of their products, including provisions on compensation and who bears the burden of expenses and loss.

We have expertise in this specialized field of contract law and are skilled in negotiating and drafting agreements that protect our clients’ rights and interests to the full extent possible.

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